External Attack Surface Management

External Atack Surface Mangement tool helps businesses focus on controlling and protecting your company’s assets exposed to the Internet, solving prevention and remediation of vulnerabilities before they can be exploited

Secdeploy is crucial for modern businesses, as it can help you in proactively identifying and mitigating potential security risks

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Key Benefits of External Attack Surface Management

Complete Visibility

The exposure knowledge provided by our platform is critical in helping organizations discover what they don’t know they are exposing to the Internet. Find valuable unknown assets, protect yourself from subdomain takeovers, and be aware of other vulnerabilities and anomalies you didn’t know existed.

Secdeploy is a fundamental tool to improve the visibility of companies, allowing them to define and have a precise control of their Information Technology (IT) environment.

Secdeploy detects the unknown applications, software, and APIs for the IT department, effectively integrating them into the network perimeter for management. This proactive action prevents risks associated with assets that are not receiving maintenance, thus safeguarding the security and stability of the system. With Secdeploy, the security department will be aware of what is at risk, including aspects they were unaware of, providing an additional layer of security and protection for their organization.

Organizations will be able to have control not only within the perimeter of their network but also over what might be exposed on the internet.

Secdeploy is essential to help organizations identify valuable assets that they are unaware are exposed to the internet. We facilitate the discovery of critical information that might go unnoticed, protecting us from potential risks such as unauthorized subdomain acquisitions and alerting them about vulnerabilities and anomalies that might have gone unnoticed until now.

  • Control and administrate
  • Multiple users
  • Smart features
  • Secure platform

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Monitoring Vulnerabilities

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